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Why Choose Us?

WSM is specialized in the engineering of building constructions and prefabricated structures. WSM has a highly qualified engineering staff with a high level of practical experience in the most diverse projects. This, combined with an department which is specialized in the technical engineering of prefabricated structures like floors, hollow walls (especially for basements) and massive prefabricated concrete, makes WSM a company with a combination of in-house solutions that is unique in the Netherlands and other countries
Of origin, the architect is on the first place a creative person. His goal is to find the optimum combination between functionality and design (EXTERIOR/VIEW of a building). In our company lies the task to develop an optimum structural design. We don't say "NO" very easy and respect the design of the architect as much as possible. It is easy to say: "that is not possible, please adjust your design", but we try to exclude or delay that moment as long as possible. Preferably, we are more than a structural engineer. We want to be an advisory consultant to assist our client, architect and contractor during the entire building process with our engineering and advise services. In that lies the added value of WSM Engineering.
WSM Engineering corporation with contractors is based on transparency and reliance. in order to accomplish this, our lean approaches are as follows.

We will render you a clear 3D model

We make saving for you on job preparation costs.

By digital connection with the floor production facility, more precision is supplied.

All the problems are solved in preparation phase.

All the elements will be easily matched on each other.

WSM Engineering in terms of customer satisfaction and as your representative respect your budget and cooperate with highly qualified staff to deliver you a high quality building.

Our insight determines building method so that no adjustment will be required during execution. all the drawings will be done by one part and the result will be a clear 3D model.

Core Features of WSM

The work of WSM Engineering can be summarized in three keywords: view, insight and supervision. These are the three core components that determine the quality of a building and the elements, in which we can be the overall partner. In the VIEW discussions we deal with architects and we reserve the right to the architect will. In the INSIGHT discussion all the process of construction is reviewed and determined. The output is provided to contractors. Finally in the SUPERVISION discussion the optimal way to tune, control and coordinate will be specified.


SKSEngineering group 

Siamak KhebrehDirector (CEO)